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Embrace Diversity: Welcome All Languages Doormat

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Celebrate Diversity: Welcome All Languages with a Doormat

Multilingual Welcome in all languages doormat

Multilingual Welcome in All Languages Doormat.

This personalized doormat was at the request of a multilingual Damn Good fan, Amy H. English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Hindi - whew! .- she speaks a lot of Welcomes!

Flocculation: How to remove water based paint from waste water

We here at Damn Good Doormats are eco-conscious. We don't want our company to be the source of pollution to the planet. To that effort, we use the renewable resource of sustainable coir (coconut husks) for our mats, ship carbon neutral, sweep up our coco fibers and donate them to a local mushroom farmer and now we flocculate. Science is fun! We remove all the paint solids from our waste water before disposing.

Ooooooh- Oklahoma!

Welcome Homa! Oklahoma that is. This custom requested doormat was for Lindsay W. in where else, Oklahoma!

New style Mustache Mat

My customers are some serious smarties! This variation of my Mustache you to wipe your feet mat was suggested by Meghan M. & her hubby. So perfect! Thanks Meghan! Get your own HERE!

Sookie's House

Adorable, this little pug must rule her home like Perogi does mine. Custom made for Megan M, Sookie is one lucky Puggy!

Get your very own Pug Rug HERE

Fresh from India!

In my attempt to become an International doormat mogul, I ordered a shipment of blank mats from India! It's been a massive headache & it may never happen again, but here they are! My friends busted a move & helped me unload 2,500 pounds of coco fiber goodness. Let the Christmas season begin!