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*Birthday Week Break!* We will return to the studio July 20th. Order now to be first in line!               
*Due to supply shortages, medium 18"x 30" mats are not currently available for all styles. Listings have been adjusted for current size options. To reward you for understanding- THIN and LARGE mats have been discounted. 

*International shipping updates- USA & Canada are shipping all sizes. All other countries are limited to SMALL 6"x30" and THIN 20"x32" mats Worldwide. Medium, Large & X-Large mats may be an additional $50+USD in shipping.

Thank you for your patience & understanding during these crazy covid times!


Have we sent you an invoice through Paypal and you don't have, or want, a Paypal account? No problem! You can pay a Paypal invoice with your credit card without making a Paypal account. Here's how:

1- This is what your invoice looks like. Click the blue button "View and pay your invoice"

2- Here is your invoice. CLick the blue button with the credit card logos  

3-This will take you to Paypal. CLick the gray button at the bottom of the screen reading "Pay with debit or credit card".