Welcome to Damn Good Doormats: Art you can wipe your feet on! 

I'm the heart, humor, and eco-conscious mind behind Damn Good Doormats, pioneering unique welcomes one step at a time. Every doormat I design is a step into the world of humor, personality, and sustainability—a trifecta that's close to my heart.

Your doorstep is the threshold to your world. Why not greet it with a smile? It's this simple yet profound belief that has guided me through the creation of every mat, making sure they not only tickle your funny bone but are kind to the planet too. From navigating the challenges of sustainable sourcing to perfecting the punchline that resonates with you, every step has been a journey towards creating the perfect welcome.

Hey there! I'm Spoon, the creative force behind Damn Good Doormats, where we've been flipping the script on boring doormats since 2009. Forget about those plain old mats; we're all about slinging sass, charm, and a whole lot of personality right at your front door. With a knack for nailing that perfect blend of snarky humor and eco-friendly vibes, I've turned a simple welcome mat into a statement piece for your home. It's not just about keeping the dirt out; it's about letting the fun in. Our mats? They're like memes for your porch, ready to greet you and your guests with a smirk and a laugh. And let me tell you, after years of doing this, we've got the perfect mat for every doorstep and every person. So, if you're looking to step up your home game or find that gift that'll get talked about at every dinner party, you're in the right place. Let's make your entrance unforgettable together.

DGD is an independent, LGBTQ+, woman-powered business. 

Promotional graphic telling the love story of how Spoon and Lee created Damn Good Doormats, originating the custom doormat business in 2009

It all started back in '09 when we got married & bought a house. Excited to shop for our first doormat, we headed on over to Target and found... 4 styles of blah to choose from. Lee quipped that I should just make us one & being a crafty human up for a challenge, I did!

I had a DIY spot at a craft fair coming up with no idea what I'd be making, so I designed 4 doormats & BOOM! Created the hand-painted doormat business. That's right, every time you see ANY rude, funny doormat out there, I am directly to thank, or blame, depending on your point of view.

In the years since 2009, we have hand-painted and shipped over 40,000 doormats worldwide. And by 'we', I mean me. That's right, I personally paint & pack all of the hand-painted doormats with my own two hands. 

Spoon Popkin: Creator of the Viral Doormat Trend


Key Highlights

  • Spoon Popkin is the brilliant mind who started the popular doormat craze that's all over social media.
  • With her funny and eye-catching designs, she has grabbed everyone's attention and become a big deal online.
  • Not just stylish, Popkin's doormats are also made to last using eco-friendly materials like coir and recycled rubber.
  • This trend in doormats has changed how we decorate our homes, bringing fun and personality right to our front doors.

Creation of a Viral Industry

A recent article in The New York Times stated " Etsy has long been a go-to website for artisans and collectors to sell their goods. Think crochet patterns, novelty doormats, 3D-printed jewelry and antique ceramics..."


Novelty doormats are in the top things customers go to Etsy to look for! That hasn't always been the case. Back in 2009, there were no novelty doormats & no one was looking to buy one. Not until Spoon Popkin & Lee Tomolonis met, fell in love, had a brainchild & started Damn Good Doormats.

 I'm Spoon Popkin – the mastermind behind the viral doormat craze that's taken the Internet by storm. It may sound unbelievable, but I single-handedly pioneered an entire industry. It all began in 2009 when we fell in love, tied the knot, purchased our first home, and went to choose a doormat. As we perused the options at Target, we were disappointed to find only four styles – all of which were bland and uninspiring. As lovers of all things quirky and unique, we weren't satisfied with what the big box stores had to offer. It was then that Lee jokingly suggested I make our own doormat. And so, I did! 

Little did I know, that one small decision would catapult me into creating a whole new market. At the time, Etsy was a relatively new platform, and I was the only one making hand-painted doormats – not just on Etsy, but anywhere. Hand-painted doormats weren't on anyone's radar, but I saw an opportunity and ran with it. And boy, did I succeed! Today, if you search "hand-painted doormats" on Etsy, you'll find over 130,000 listings. 

Doormats are something every house needs, but Damn Good Doormats has turned them into a big deal. Using cool designs and fun sayings to make them more than just mats that stop dirt from getting inside. Our doormats do their job well but also tell you something about the people who live in the house. With funny words and unique looks, our doormats have become really popular among people who like setting trends and sharing stuff on social media.

Baby Boy on a "Welcome to the Home of Mr & Mrs Awesome Pants doormat by Damn Good Doormats

The Genesis of a Viral Sensation

Spoon Popkin kicked off the doormat craze with her knack for creativity and knowing how to use social media to her advantage. By showing off her one-of-a-kind designs on Facebook, before Instagram and TikTok existed, she quickly caught everyone's eye. Her doormats started getting shared and reposted all over, sparking a huge surge in popularity for her creations. Before long, you could see Damn Good Doormats featured on Buzzfeed, Gizmodo, The Huffington Post and even the Wall Street Journal.

Who is Spoon Popkin?

Spoon Popkin, an artist and business-minded person, graduated from The Maryland Institute, College of Art in 1990 & has been a soloprenuer ever since. Designing hats (her kitty-eared hat presaged the pussy hat by 20 years), playing accordion in bands Womyn of Destruction & Estrojet touring through the 90's and creating her own artworks throughout.

Starting selling in small shops & art markets then on Etsy, Spoon sold these handmade doormat gems herself. As people started talking and sharing about them online, her creations took off in popularity fast, turning her into a viral hit all thanks to those special doormats she started selling on Etsy. In fact,

The doormat that started it all

The trend that took everyone by surprise started with the reminder "KEYS WALLET CELL PHONE" doormat created by Spoon Popkin. With its funny saying and one-of-a-kind look, this doormat quickly became a hit on Etsy. Folks were drawn to how it looked good while being useful at the same time. As more people bought Damn Good Doormats, their popularity just kept growing, making this trend catch fire online. The KEYS WALLET CELL PHONE doormat was featured in Gizmodo's 2012 Holiday Roundup of Gifts for People that can't or won't get out of bed" alongside national brands. This really launched Damn Good Doormats into a viral success story.

Damn Good Doormats have been featured on Gizmodo, Tosh.0, The Huffington Post, the Daily What, The Wall Street Journal, Laughing Squid, The Thrillist DC, Apartment Therapy (a few times!), Trend Hunter, Gadget Feast: Your Daily Gadget Smorgasbord!, Gifts for men: Gifts men will actually like, Home Fixated: Where DIY meets LOL, Time Out New York and more! 

From DIY Doormat to Viral Phenomenon

Spoon Popkin's story is all about turning her passion for making DIY doormats into a big hit. She began with just a tiny Etsy shop, pouring her heart and soul into every doormat she made. With time, as more people fell in love with her designs, she had to make more to keep up. So, Spoon teamed up with manufacturers to increase how many doormats she could create. Damn Good Doormats has expanded to offer affordable, yet durable UV-printed doormats. Her journey shows what creativity and hard work can achieve in the home decor world.

The role of social media in spreading the trend

Social media has been a game-changer for Spoon Popkin's doormat craze. With the help of Facebook, long before Instagram and TikTok, she managed to show off her designs to people all over the world. This exposure made it easy for folks to share and repost her doormats, quickly making them a big hit online. The eye-catching look of Damn Good Doormats' creations, along with social media’s wide reach, really pushed this trend into the spotlight.

Key milestones in the doormat's viral popularity

  • Damn Good Doormats' KEYS WALLET CELL PHONE was the first doormat design to suddenly become a viral hit on social media.
  • Featured on Tosh.0, With celebrities and influencers talking about it, more people start noticing Damn Good Doormats.
  • Before long, you can see these doormats featured in Better Homes & Gardens home decor magazines and websites like Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post.
  • The trend of having cool doormats takes off, with everyone wanting to get their hands on unique ones.

Damn Good Doormats have been seen in the movies and on TV! Gossip Girls, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, Hemlock Grove, Law and Order: SVU, HBO & BBC productions.

Our first doormat in a book is out! The Big Lebowski: An Illustrated, Annotated History of the Greatest Cult Film of All Time, Voyageur Press 2012.

Behind the Scenes: The Creative Process

Making a doormat that everyone loves and talks about isn't as simple as putting a cool saying on some coir. It's all about being creative, paying close attention to the little things, and really getting what clicks with folks. Spoon Popkin begins by coming up with fresh ideas and drawing possible looks for her doormats. After that, she picks out the best materials that are not only good quality but also kind to our planet. In the end, Spoon Popkin puts in a lot of effort into making each doormat by hand, adding those special touches that make her work pop.

Inspiration behind the designs

Spoon Popkin draws her design inspiration from the world around her and what's popular in culture. With a keen eye on what's trending, she cleverly includes these elements into her work, making it stand out with humor and uniqueness. Listening to feedback and suggestions from those who buy her stuff is also key for Spoon; this way, she keeps updating her designs to make sure they're just what people want. The lively Etsy community was where Spoon first began offering her doormats for sale, providing not only motivation but also encouragement as she honed her business skills.

Challenges in material and design choices

When Spoon Popkin makes her doormats, she runs into a few hurdles, especially when it comes to picking the best materials and designs. For her, being eco-friendly is really important. That's why she goes for coir as the main material for her doormats. Coir comes from coconut husks and is both natural and something that doesn't run out easily. On top of this, Spoon Popkin works hard to find just the right mix of looking good and lasting long. She wants to make sure that not only are her doormats pleasing to the eye but they're also durable enough to stand up over time. Over 15 years of experimenting with paints and materials has let Damn Good Doormats produce the most durable hand-painted doormats possible.

The Impact of the Trend on Home Decor

The trend of viral doormats has really shaken things up in home decorating. It's like a new wind blowing through something that most people didn't pay much attention to before. Damn Good Doormats, for example, have turned the front steps of houses into places where conversations begin, sprinkling bits of personality and laughter around homes. Thier doormats have inspired engagements! With this trend catching on, other designers and artists are getting excited about using doormats as their own space to get creative. In short, this whole viral doormat thing has made decorating our homes more fun and full of character.

Changing perceptions of functional vs. decorative items

In the home decor scene, there's always been a clear line between things you use and things that just look nice. But Damn Good Doormats has really shaken things up with their viral doormat trend, making it hard to tell the difference. What used to be just a basic item for wiping your shoes on has turned into something that makes your front door stand out, reflecting the personality of the occupants.

With this new trend, people are moving away from dull doormats and choosing ones that show off who they are through unique and fun designs. Thanks to Damn Good Doormats over 1000 bold and interesting doormat styles, more folks are getting creative with how they decorate their homes' entrances.

How the trend influenced other home decor trends

Spoon Popkin's doormat craze has really shaken things up in the home decor world. It turns out, folks are on the hunt for bits and bobs that make their homes feel special and unique to them. This craving for something different has led to a boom in demand for items made just for you or stuff that's not run-of-the-mill.

For starters, this whole thing with Spoon Popkin has got people excited about welcome mats that can be all about them – think family names, phrases they love, or even private jokes. These personalized doormats aren't just neat; they're also becoming go-to gifts for when someone moves into a new place or gets married because they add such a nice personal touch.

On top of that, the big hit of these doormats is inspiring artists and designers to get creative across other areas too. Now we're seeing fun and eye-catching designs popping up on things like cushions you throw on your couch, art pieces you hang on your wall, and gadgets you use in your kitchen. The success of Damn Good Doormats' trend is showing there's room for more personality and flair in our living spaces.

Community and Culture Around the Trend

Spoon Popkin started a doormat trend that really took off, creating a lively community and culture around it. With this trend, people are super excited to chip in with their own designs and ideas for custom doormats, building up a spirit of teamwork and creative thinking. This whole movement is driven by everyone's common interest in having something unique and striking at their doorstep. It has also paved the way for fans of these doormats to meet up, exchange thoughts, and keep the excitement alive in this bustling marketplace dedicated to doormat lovers.

Fan contributions and custom requests

One cool thing about the Damn Good Doormats craze is how fans get to chip in with their own design ideas. It's like they're part of a big creative project, making doormats that show off what they love or think is fun.

Through places like social media and Etsy, people can tell Spoon Popkin what they want on their doormat. This way, everyone gets to add a bit of themselves into the mix, turning these mats into something more than just a spot to wipe your feet.

With this custom twist, each mat becomes a little piece of art right at your doorstep. Whether it’s showing off your family name, sharing a quote you live by, or displaying some awesome artwork - there are no limits to making these mats truly yours.

Notable figures who embraced the doormat trend

Spoon Popkin's doormat trend has really taken off, catching the eye of famous people from all sorts of backgrounds. Star Wars' own Carrie Fisher even ordered one for herself! This buzz has made it even more popular and influential. Celebrities and social media stars have gotten into it, showing off their own cool doormat designs to everyone who follows them.

Damn Good Doormats have been placed on the sets of movies & TV shows, proving how eye catching and durable these mats can be. You might even see celebrities with funny or famous quotes on their doormats, which adds a bit of fun and character to where they live.

With so many well-known folks getting behind this trend, it's become a big part of what we see as trendy today. It keeps growing because these endorsements make others want to join in too.

Sustainable Practices in a Growing Industry

With the doormat craze getting bigger, it's crucial to talk about how they're made in a way that doesn't hurt our planet. Damn Good Doormats is working hard to make sure this trend goes hand-in-hand with being kind to nature, aiming for as little harm as possible.

Addressing sustainability in production

In the world of home decor, making things more eco-friendly is a big deal these days, and that includes the popular trend of doormats. Designers like Spoon Popkin are really focusing on how to make their doormats in ways that are better for our planet. They're doing this by choosing materials that don't harm the environment, using paints that are safe for nature, and finding ways to reduce waste and recycle more. By putting sustainability at the heart of what they do, those who create doormats are helping make sure future trends in home decoration will be kinder to our Earth.

Damn Good Doormats' commitment to eco-friendly materials

Damn Good Doormats is leading the way in the doormat craze, making sure to use materials that are kind to our planet. They pick stuff like coir from sustainable sources and all weather mats made from recycled rubber because they want to make as little impact on Earth as possible.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Viral Home Trends

Spoon Popkin started a doormat trend that really caught on and has had a big effect on the way we decorate our homes. With this trend getting more popular by the day, it's interesting to think about where these viral home trends are headed next.

Predictions for the next big home decor trend

Predicting the next big thing in home decor is tough, but one thing's for sure: the doormat craze has kicked off a fresh wave of unique and personal decorating styles. It proves that folks want to show off their own style and make their homes really feel like theirs.

With this trend in mind, it looks like future home decor will keep valuing things that are custom-made, good for our planet, and allow us to express ourselves. Whether we're talking about wall art that tells your story, furniture that doesn't hurt the earth or gadgets at home that are super smart and cool—the road ahead for how we decorate our spaces seems full of possibilities and excitement.

Damn Good Doormats' next steps and future projects

Spoon Popkin, the brain behind the popular doormat craze, is always on the lookout for fresh ideas to take her brand to new heights. Even though she's keeping tight-lipped about what's next, it's pretty clear that Spoon Popkin isn't going to stop turning heads with her standout and attractive designs in home decor.

By branching out into more items for your house or teaming up with other creative minds and designers, there’s no doubt that exciting things are ahead for Damn Good Doormats. As everyone eagerly waits to see what they'll come up with next, one thing remains obvious – Spoon Popkin is set to keep making waves in viral home trends.


In the world where things quickly catch everyone's attention, Damn Good Doormats really stood out with their doormat craze. They've been super creative and thoughtful about being kind to our planet from start to finish. This whole thing has not just changed how we see doormats but also made us think differently about stuff we use around the house. Looking forward, Spoon Popkin is all in on using materials that don't hurt the earth and loves getting ideas from their supporters. Their journey shows what's possible when you mix imagination with a sense of community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired Spoon Popkin to create the first viral doormat?

Spoon Popkin got the idea to make the very first viral doormat because they thought it would be cool to add some creativity and personal touch to her own home with something as simple as a doormat. Instead of just seeing them as things you wipe your feet on, they wanted people to see them as a way to show off their own style. With this in mind, their unique designs started getting noticed on places like Etsy, and before long, their doormats became super popular.

How can fans submit ideas or requests for doormat designs?

If you're a fan of Damn Good Doormats' doormat creations, there are several ways to share your ideas and what you'd like to see next. You can reach out through social media or Damn Good Doormats website. Spoon really appreciates hearing from fans and is open to working together to make those special designs happen.

What measures are taken to ensure the products are environmentally friendly?

Spoon Popkin is really into taking care of the environment. They make sure to get their materials from places that can keep making more without running out, and they use dyes and inks that don't harm the planet. On top of this, they're big on recycling and cutting down waste when they make their products. All these steps show how serious they are about being sustainable and not hurting the environment too much.