Geek alert!

*Birthday Week Break!* We will return to the studio July 20th. Order now to be first in line!               
*Due to supply shortages, medium 18"x 30" mats are not currently available for all styles. Listings have been adjusted for current size options. To reward you for understanding- THIN and LARGE mats have been discounted. 

*International shipping updates- USA & Canada are shipping all sizes. All other countries are limited to SMALL 6"x30" and THIN 20"x32" mats Worldwide. Medium, Large & X-Large mats may be an additional $50+USD in shipping.

Thank you for your patience & understanding during these crazy covid times!





   Well, I had a little Geek attack today!

    My love of Firefly AND BAttlestar Galactica drove me to design!   

    Who else thinks Starbuck is really the final Cylon?

  Be the first in the world to own one of these awesome mats!

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