Embrace Diversity: Welcome All Languages Doormat

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Celebrate Diversity: Welcome All Languages with a Doormat

Multilingual Welcome in all languages doormat

Multilingual Welcome in All Languages Doormat.

This personalized doormat was at the request of a multilingual Damn Good fan, Amy H. English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Hindi - whew! .- she speaks a lot of Welcomes!

What are some common phrases to welcome someone in different languages?

Some common welcome phrases in different languages are "Bienvenido" (Spanish), "Bienvenue" (French), "Willkommen" (German), "Benvenuto" (Italian), "欢迎" (Chinese), and "ようこそ" (Japanese). Using a welcome doormat with these phrases is a warm and inclusive way to greet guests from all backgrounds. Here at Damn Good Doormats, we have WELCOME in over 100 languages. If you don't see yours. just ask!

How do you say welcome in different languages?

Follow along to learn how!

Spanish: Bienvenido

First impressions are crucial, especially when it comes to welcoming someone in their own language. It shows that you value their culture and are making an effort to connect with them on a personal level. Whether it's for business or personal reasons, knowing how to say "hello" or "welcome" in different languages can make all the difference. It can even lead to new friendships and opportunities. So take the time to learn how to say Welcome and make a positive first impression!

French: Bienvenue

German: Herzlich Willkommen

Herzlich Willkommen german welcome doormat

Learning different languages can be a fun and exciting experience. A simple way to start is by learning how to say welcome in different languages. Welcoming someone in their native language shows appreciation for their culture and creates a friendly atmosphere. From German "Willkommen" to Spanish "¡Bienvenido/a!" and French "Bienvenue!", there are various ways to express hospitality in different languages. With 23 different languages, you have the opportunity to expand your lingual horizons and make people feel welcomed in their own language.

Italian: Benvenuto

Benvenuto- Welcome in Italian skinny doormat

Portuguese: Bem-vindo

Portuguese Bem-vindo doormat with a Jack Russel dog

Learning a new language can be exciting and challenging. One of the first words you will learn is "welcome." Saying welcome in a new language shows respect and appreciation for the culture and language. It's essential to start with basic phrases or words when learning a new language, and "welcome" is an ideal entry point for new learners. Whether you're traveling to a new country or simply interested in language learning, saying welcome in the local language can make a great first impression.

Russian: Добро пожаловать (Dobro pozhalovat')

Russian Добро пожаловать Dobro pozhalovat' coir doormat

Japanese: ようこそ (Yōkoso)

Japanese ようこそ Yōkoso Doublewide welcome mat

Chinese: 欢迎 (Huānyíng)

Chinese Mandarin 欢迎 Huānyíng coir Welcome mat

Arabic: أهلاً وسهلاً (Ahlan wa sahlan)

Arabic all-weather Welcome Mat  أهلاً وسهلاً Ahlan wa sahlan

Korean: 환영합니다 (Hwan-yeong-ham-ni-da)

Korean and English bilingual Welcome mat 환영합니다 Hwan-yeong-ham-ni-da

cute all-weather doormat with welcome in fancy cursive script

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