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Meet the creator of the Viral Doormat Craze

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I am Spoon Popkin, and I am the originator of the viral doormat craze you see all over the Internet. I know it sounds crazy for one person to say they invented an entire industry by themselves, but I did. 

It all started back in 2009 when I got married, bought a house, and we went to get our first doormat together. We went to Target, and there were four styles of fugly doormats. Nothing represented Us. We're not really Big Box store people. We like thrift shops, DIY handmade crafts and recycling. So my spouse remarked that I should just make us one, so I did! 

It' s the final countdown for flocked and all weather doormats

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It' s the final countdown for flocked and all weather doormats- this is it. The deadline got moved up by 4 days, so order now or ... come back for one of our fantastic hand painted doormats!

Everything old is new again.

amaericana mullet doormat reading Party's in the back with a 5 star fan review

I will continue to offer you the best hand painted all natural coconut coir doormats around. I am the OG doormatter who invented this crazy custom doormat biz 14 years ago. I have painted & packed over 30,000 doormats,  so I know how to get shit done by myself!