Welcome to Damn Good Doormats: ART YOU CAN WIPE YOUR FEET ON!
From geek to chic... Personalized outdoor door mats are the perfect gift for weddings, housewarmings and the hard to shop for man. Funny doormats, elegant entrance mats, rustic outdoor rugs- it's all here! Geeky, goofy, chic, ironic, and hip, with over 800 welcome mat styles and counting, Damn Good Doormats is your home for doormat delights. Make your outdoor entrance unique!
We know there's a lot to read here, but it's all important & will answer many questions.
PLEASE read them thoroughly before placing your order!

SHIPPING TIMES: We make every doormat individually when you order it. UV Printed mats ship within 2 business days. Please allow up to 10 business days until shipping for our Deluxe Hand-painted mats

HAND PAINTED DOORMAT CARE:  Be sure to keep your hand painted doormat out of the rain & direct sunlight. A sheltered entranceway is recommended for this type of mat. Water gets trapped in the natural coconut husk fibers causing them to swell and shed. If you have an indoors spot for a mat, that's even better. To clean, simply shake gently! Natural fading will occur with traffic and time. 

RETURNS: As we make every mat individually to order, there are no returns. If your mat is damaged in transit, please let us know & include pictures. We will make it right!

GREEN & ECO FRIENDLY: Our doormats are painted with a mold, UV & fade resistant paint manufactured just for us! We source our Earth friendly, PVC backed 100% coconut coir mats from a company in India Internationally certified for green & sustainable practices & guaranteeing no child labor. We refuse to poison our planet with poisonous dyes, thus our mats are a little bit more 'transient' than commercially manufactured doormats. They have a great life span & look fantastic, so be confident in your choice to support handmade and the Earth at the same time! As a natural, biodegradable material, they not meant to last a lifetime. This means you can get a new one seasonally!  

CUSTOM ORDERS:  Are welcome! Please allow 2-3 weeks for custom orders to be made. If you have something in mind- just ask! We get lots of ideas from our great customers & really appreciate the suggestions! Please note that Damn Good Doormats reserves the right to reproduce all custom orders (and suggestions, even if not completed) unless prior agreements are made. This helps keep custom order costs down. Sharing is caring!
Custom orders MUST be purchased through the link provided with all changes made to the image BEFORE purchase. Any changes made AFTER purchase or requested in a note on a regular purchase rely on my memory to be correct & that is a bad idea!


International orders INCLUDE all taxes & fees! No stopping at customs. Your doormat will be delivered directly to your door.

International orders can take 2-8 weeks to arrive. We have no say in the time it takes customs to clear a package or ability to track it once it has left the US. PLEASE use the tracking information provided & contact your postal provider for information on it's whereabouts BEFORE contacting us. We don't have any more ability to delve into customs offices than you do!

WRONG ADDRESS: If you have used the wrong address, purchase a second order using the correct address & add a note to cancel the incorrect one. This is the best approach to correct a wrong address. It is your responsibility to provide accurate shipping information at this time.

RETURNED TO SENDER: Sometimes packages are returned to us as they are unclaimed by buyers or an incorrect address was provided. If this occurs, you will be contacted for address corrections & billed for additional shipping. If you do not respond within 3 days, your sale will be canceled, and your money refunded, less packaging & shipping costs. Please make sure your addresses are correct!

APPEARS TO BE LOST, MARKED AS DELIVERED: We have heard from a few customers lately upset that their mat is missing. EVERY ONE WAS FOUND! Either with a neighbor, hidden or at their local UPS/USPS office. We have no special sources inside the mail systems- use your tracking number & be a detective for that doormat! If your package is marked as "delivered" but you haven't received it, PLEASE ask any and all roommates, neighbors, and search the neighborhood to see if your package hasn't been misplaced. The delivery people will hide them in bushes, around corners, etc. Every time this has happened, the item has been found nearby. PLEASE look thoroughly BEFORE contacting us. It is physically impossible for me to find the package for you & stressful for us here! If you still believe your item was lost in transit, then contact your local UPS/ USPS office and us with your tracking number & phone number- they will then start an investigation.

MEDIA:  If you are in the media & need high res or placement images, please contact us here with your website and email contact information. Damn Good Doormats have been seen in the movies and on TV! Gossip Girls, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, Hemlock Grove, Law and Order: SVU, HBO & BBC productions, Goodbye World with Adrian Grenier,  Mary & Martha with Hillary Swank - RoboCop is coming up soon! Our first doormat in a book is out!  The Big Lebowski: An Illustrated, Annotated History of the Greatest Cult Film of All Time, Voyageur Press 2012. In 2014, Damn Good Doormats were in 3 museum shows! Now THAT'S Art you can wipe your feet on! Damn Good Doormats have been featured on Gizmodo, Tosh.0, The Huffington Post, the Daily What, The Wall Street Journal, Laughing Squid, The Thrillist DC, Apartment Therapy (a few times!), Trend Hunter, Gadget Feast: Your Daily Gadget Smorgasbord!, Gifts for men:  Gifts men will actually like, Home Fixated: Where DIY meets LOL, Time Out New York and more!

WHOLESALE: Yes! We do! Contact us for minimums and prices.