Welcome Mats 101: Why Choosing One Isn’t as Easy as It Seems

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I had an interview with Ana Durrani at Realtor.com about doormats this week- let's share!

Welcome Mats 101: Why Choosing One Isn’t as Easy as It Seems

 By Ana Durrani

Feb 14, 2022

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A welcome mat helps keep your floors clean by absorbing dirt, debris, and moisture, keeping them from getting into your home. But of course, that’s only part of the appeal—a welcome mat can also add considerable flair to your home’s threshold.

Whether it’s a silly message or a last name emblazoned across it, a doormat serves as your unofficial welcome committee, so you’ll want to choose one that makes a good first impression. Or at least the right impression.

“A doormat does a real job,” says Spoon Popkin, owner of Damn Good Doormats.

A welcome mat may be small, but like so many other home purchases, it requires some thoughtful consideration so you can find the right one for your space and personality. Here’s the lowdown from the experts on what to know about choosing the right welcome mat.

The size should be proportional to where it’s placed

Doormats come in all shapes and sizes, so choose wisely.

The general rule is to select one that is the same width as your front door or 80% of the width of the doorway where it will be placed.

Popkin says 18-by-30 inches is the most common size, although some people opt for 24-by-60 if they have French doors.extra large doublewide doormat reading mahalo for removing your slippahs in aqua tiki hawaiian style

They can work indoors and outdoors

Welcome mats are typically considered for the outside only, but they can also be used indoors. You might want to use a double-mat configuration if you live in inclement weather.

“Mats placed outdoors and indoors will protect the floors because they give two opportunities to get snow, ice, sand, dirt, etc. off your shoes,” says Sandy Pharr, owner and designer of Rug Rats, Fine Carpets, and Custom Rugs.

Experts advise keeping thick mats outdoors since they tend to slide or get stuck when the door is opened. 

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For the boho handlebar mustache crowd : I “mustache” you to remove your shoes

funny shoes off coconut coir eco friendly doormat reading I mustache you to remove your shoes funny housewarming gift

For a classy clean house- Leave your worries (and your shoes) at the door

doublewide extra large coir doormat reading leave your worries and your shoes at the door sweet clean house damn good doormat

Should you get a mat for inside or outside your door, or for both? 

A mat outside will trap dirt & mud to keep your house looking neat. But a second mat inside is even better! Not only will it capture stray debris & pet hair, it’s two times the fun! With over 800 designs and custom requests welcome, you can mix & match the hilarity at your entryway.

Are door mats still in style? What's the most popular ones? The most stylish ones? 

As long as there are doors, doormats never go out of style. Fun AND practical.

Many customers choose to change out their mats for the season and holiday, even adding a layering rug for an extra pop of color.

One of our most popular mats is the RHYTHM RUG

a tribe called quest wipe your feet on the rhythm rug  hip hop fan gift damn good doormat

Our American Sign Language WELCOME mat

american sign language ASL welcome deaf culture gift damn good doormat


The Cave Canem (Latin for “Beware of Dog” from Pompeii is a big hit with the art history crowd & dog lovers alike

Tammy Sandwiches the rescue dog Terrier on a doublewide extra large damn good doormat with ancient pompeii beware of dog art history nerd gift


Tolkien fans can’t get enough of our “No Entrance Except on Party Business” mat

nerdy tolkien doormat reading no admittance except on party business eco friendly geek  housewarming or wedding gift


Do you really need one if you live in an apartment or are they simply decorative? 

Our skinny doormats (6”x30”) are a great way to make your apartment entrance unique and easy to spot! A funny or nerdy doormat is a great conversation starter with your neighbors, you just may make a friend.

True story, a customer met their husband when he remarked on their doormat!

funny just no go away damn good doormat rude gag gift for him skinny doormat

Are there types of welcome mats you should avoid? 

We actually specialize in doormats for people who want to warn guests (;

Our huge Family Un-Friendly section is safe enough to give Grandma a chuckle

there's no place like grandma and grandpas cute funny grandparent gift eco friendly  damn good doormat


Our dyslexic mat WECLOME is a big hit

funny dyslexic weclome welcome eco friendly sustainable coconut coir natural damn good doormat

The Welcome to Flavortown is also flying off the shelves for Spring

welcome to flavortown funny BBQ guy fieri food network eco friendly sustainable coconut coir damn good doormat



We can all agree dogs are goofy AND the best!

Here are some fan favorite dog doormats:

We’re nuts for Corgi Butts

Funny Nuts for corgi butts welsh corgi lover eco friendly coconut coir damn good doormat

Beware of the Wiggle Butt for Australian Shepard lovers- this fan photo is from @zoemarietheaussie !

beware of the wiggle butt australian shepard dog lover gift damn good doormat

Come back when you can’t stay so long, subtle, but effective

Come again when you can't stay so long- funny go away coconut coir damn good doormat

Schmutz! It’s Yiddish for dirt! This fun rug is for everyone as yiddish is everywhere

funny yiddish jewish schutz doormat sustainable coconut coir welcome mat hanukkah gift

We’ve all seen “House Rules” signs, so why not be honest about it?

This house runs on chaos, coffee & online shopping

funny rude house rules doormat reading this house runs of chaos coffee and online shopping  sustainable coconut coir doormat

Not up for company? Our “Uhh hi… you must be lost” doormat is a funny way to say Not Today!

FUNNY rude DOORMAT reading "Uh hi, you must be lost" go away housewarming gift from damn good doormats

Goofy Nerdy mats

These are huge! Crossing over my fan base of goofy & geeky

Our Big Lebowski inspired “This rug really ties the porch together” plays on that great film’s main mission- getting back that rug!also available in PORCH/PATIO/APT/CONDO/ROOM

For those Monty Python fans “Go away or I shall taunt you a second time”


and more mats to suit every style! With over 800 styles now offered, there is something for everyone! We also love designing custom doormats, so just ask!