Tik Tok 6 days left to order flocked and all weather doormats!

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Only 6 days & counting for flocked & all weather doormats, let's celebrate their glory while we can

Gotta love a man with a mullet who LOVES his pussy!  Pussy cat that is! You dirty bird.
This sweet flocked coco mat has a portrait of his kitty with an appropriate warning to visitors. 

Get your flocked and all weather doormat fix in now before it's too late! Order future gifts & toss them in the closet, I know I am! 

I will continue to offer you the best hand painted all natural coconut coir doormats around. I am the OG doormatter who invented this crazy custom doormat biz 14 years ago. I have painted & packed over 30,000 doormats,  so I know how to get shit done by myself!

And don’t forget, there’s FREE US shipping on orders over $100  


Be well & enjoy wiping your feet!
Spoon, Lee, Tammy Sandwiches & Werner Herzdog

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