DIY RecycledPallet Project Bench

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So, we get a lot of pallets here in the Doormat Mines. And we really like to do projects using everything that's laying around to do them. No waste!

While we have been waiting for our doormat shipment to come in (puh-leeze!) we've been breaking up all our pallets & making a Camp Kitchen for Social Distance campers to come visit us. 

We started with a pallet bench. I just Googled for an image that seemed to be easy & sturdy. I figured that our ground is pretty soft, so any slightly off legs would sink into the ground & become even 


It's a super simple design:

  • we used the heavy bottom pallet wood for all the support pieces
  • cut 3 16" pieces for the front legs  
  • choose 3 long pieces for the support legs- ours are 48"
  • with 3" nails with heads- nail the short pieces perpendicularly onto the 3 long pieces. You should drill pilot holes for these- pallet wood is HARD!

Now decide how far back you want your seat to be- ours is 20" I'm short!

  • We used 3 36" boards for the back rest
  • Nail (with pilot holes) the back rest boards at 20"  from the front legs- perpendicular going the opposite direction from the legs.

Now it's time to assemble!

  • decide how wide you want your bench to be, our is 44" wide
  • cut 10-12 pieces of thin pallet boards to that length
  • *attach a board straight across the bench seat in FRONT of the back rest *
  • *attach a board across the bench directly BEHIND the back rest*
  • *attach a board along the FRONT on your bench
  • This will hold the whole thing together as you work
  • place boards on the seat & space them out evenly to go over the front edge an inch or two
  • **DRILL PILOT HOLES! This wood is very dry & likely to split if you nail directly into them** nail 'em on in
  • do the same up the back

Sand the rough edges- no ne wants pallet splinters.

THAT'S IT! You have made a bench!

Your friends will be so impressed 

Be well & check out some Damn Good Doormats 

Spoon & Lee