March 2019

Diabetic dog care & warning signs

Diabetic dog care & warning signs

My sweet little pug, Perogi: Queen of Pugs, has developed Diabetes! She is 13 years old, so it's not un-common in pugs.

Her backstory: We received Perogi into our lives 10 years ago when she was 3. She was over 30 pounds! Seriously, she looked like potato with toothpicks in it. Her previous family did not take her for walks & left puppy chow out for her to eat all day long. A pug. With food. Waiting. All. Day. Long.


Have we sent you an invoice through Paypal and you don't have, or want, a Paypal account? No problem! You can pay a Paypal invoice with your credit card without making a Paypal account. Here's how:

1- This is what your invoice looks like. Click the blue button "View and pay your invoice"

2- Here is your invoice. CLick the blue button with the credit card logos  

3-This will take you to Paypal. CLick the gray button at the bottom of the screen reading "Pay with debit or credit card".