Don't let the Dog out, or the Cops in!


choose hand painted or long lasting FLOCKED materials


Don't let the Dog out, or the Cops in!

It is so much easier to follow the rules when they are set out clearly from the get-go. Well, you cannot be any clearer than this, can you?

Let everyone who comes to your house know how much you love your feline/canine. And if you have anything to hide from the law, you are much better off safe than sorry. Make your stand clear from the onset and there won’t be any trouble.-


COCO: Coco mats are all natural coconut fiber doormats with traditional stiff bristles. These need to be kept away from direct sun & rain.

ALL WEATHER: These mats are 100% synthetic, soft to the foot and safe to be exposed to sun & rain


HAND PAINTED: These need to be kept away from direct sun & rain. We have painted over 30,000 doormats by hand, a great option!

FLOCKED: The text on these mats is HEAVY DUTY. Made with a durable, soft fuzzy polyester fibers, glued permanently to the doormat. They can take anything you have, snow, rain everything! 

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CARE: Extend the life of your hand painted doormat by keeping it away from direct rain and sun. Cocomats will shed for the 1st month or so, to clean, simply shake. THIN mats are intended for indoor use.

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