Learning from Setbacks: The All-Weather Mat Challenge and the Rise of UV-Printed Doormats

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Every business has a setback from time to time. I'm sorry to announce I've hit a snag in our all-weather doormat production. The US manufacturer we relied on for our original synthetic doormats has shut down. The replacements I found aren't allowing our paint to stick like they should, which is a massive bummer. But, we're hustling with our paint crew to find a fix. It's a bit of a puzzle, but here at Damn Good Doormats, we never give up!

There is a silver lining though- That heavy-duty paint we used? Turns out it's doing wonders on our coconut mats. That paints tough as nails against sun and rain! Just a heads up, though: heavy rain will darken the natural coir mat, so keep that in mind.

While I'm on the hunt for the ultimate all-weather doormat, I've rolled out another option.