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If you need a flocked doormat, get your order in by Sunday, January 29th 10pm EST!

We will continue to offer the best all natural, eco friendly, hand painted doormats in the biz.

nerdy jrr tolkien quote from the hobbit "it's a dangerous business going out your door" on a doormat with a rescue terrier on top of it

I'll be honest, this sucks. Years ago I found a company that had been making cocomats here in the USA for 200 years. Then they went out of business. Their doormats cost a little bit more than ordering entire cargo containers of stock from India (which I have- that's 25,000 mats at a time!). Supporting an American made manufacturer was worth it to me. But not to giant retailers. So they were forced to close.

Then I found this awesome company that helped me by adding flocked mats to my inventory! Not only was a relief for my carpal tunnel, from years of painting over 30,000 doormats by hand, their flocked mats were AMAZING! Like, gorgeous in a way I feel silly describing a doormat. And their all weather mats?? Don't get me started. A doormat that can be left exposed to the elements, hosed off when you wipe your muddy paws on it & lasts forever- heaven. 

But, after 13 years in business, they are closing their doors on Januray 30th, 2023.

I was thrilled to offer you the finest doormats I'd ever seen. And you loved them!!!

It's a sad day for us all. I'll have more to say soon, just wrapping my head around it

); Spoon

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