The end of doormat manufacturing in America

USA made no more

We have been proud to offer our hand painted designs on the only doormats made right here in the USA. For over 130 years U.S. Cocoa mat has been making coir mats in South Carolina. It with a heavy heart we report that they are closing up shop.

This is officially the last pallet of doormats ever made here in the USA.  If supporting American made products is important to you, don't delay, get your order in right away! They are the medium 18"x30" size and won't last long ):  SOLD OUT!!!! 

Thank you for choosing to support small business & American made goods!
Spoon & Lee 

On a side note- we worked really hard making a lovely gif of Perogi on her doormat throne above. In my technologically deficient way, we were unable to get it to work for you all to enjoy. If you wish to appreciate our efforts, please do so here: Perogi, Queen of Pugs