Tolkien Speak, Friend, and Enter- with TREES


Tolkien quote "Speak Friend and Enter" 

The MEDIUM of this one is ALL WEATHER! That's right, it's safe to leave out in the rain, snow, sun, whatever! And it's all MADE in the USA! Except the coconut husk, that's grown elsewhere (;

Speak, friend, and enter.'" Merry: "What do you suppose that means?" Gandalf: "Oh, it's quite simple. If you are a friend, you speak the password, and the doors will open"

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Reviewed by spoonpop on Sep 6, 2017
Great quality door mat! Absolutely love it and has been adored by our neighbors and friends, even strangers! :D If I had another door, I'd be buying more from these guys! I highly recommend their product!
Tolkien  -Speak, Friend, and Enter- with TREES lotr hobbit