*** Due to supply shortages, medium 18"x 30" mats are not currently available for all styles. Listings are being adjusted for current size options. To reward you for understanding- THIN and LARGE mats have been discounted! 

With over 700 styles, we may have missed updating a few.  If your choice is not available on a medium mat, we will convo you with options. Thank you for your patience & understanding during these crazy covid times!

If you really, really want the medium size mat, contact us for delivery dates. Hopefully soon! 

*International shipping updates- The USA & Canada are shipping all sizes. All other countries are limited to SMALL 6"x30" and THIN 20"x32" mats Worldwide. Medium, Large & X-Large mats may be an additional $50+USD in shipping.

if you are anything like me you have the best intentions to get your holiday shopping done early this year... but probably won't. 

There's an easy solution for that- we now have.... GIFT CARDS!!! 

That's right, at home in your jammies with an adult beverage of choice, you can hop online CHRISTMAS EVE and look like you were on top of your shit. You can email it to your friend or print it at home. Either way, you look good, like, really good.

After purchase you will download a printable gift card. We will email you a custom code for your gift within 24 hours. That's all!

*Black only, US shipping is included. Colors & International shipping available.

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